Welcome to Zane’s adventure


A great big THANKS! to everyone who attended our Book Launch.  And special Thanks to Dan Iddings for being such a gracious host.  Please see my blog post for an updated thank you.  And be sure to visit Classic Lines Book Store and buy yourself (and your loved ones) a copy of:  The Book of Zane!!






Ok, we’ve done it!  We are officially going to have a Pittsburgh Book Launch for my book:

The Book of Zane (yours truly!)


Saturday, January 24,


Classic Lines 

5825 Forbes Ave.,

Pittsburgh, PA 

from 7 – 9 PM 

Join us!  Snacks and drinks and literary merriment to be had! 






A boy,

A mystery,

A mental hospital—

Can he solve one to save the other?

The Book of Zane…









Thanks to Sunbury Press for releasing:

The Book of Zane




 You can purchase Zane at sunburypress.com now!



And feel free to let Sunbury Press know your thoughts…

The Book of Zane (87,180 words) is a chronicle of mysteries, solved and recorded by a boy diagnosed with bibliophobia, who has spent most of his life in mental institutions.

Though Zane Huston is only sixteen when he comes to live at the Tower Project, his ability to communicate with the other residents allows him to unravel their secrets, the kind of secrets that keep the most difficult ‘nutcases’ bound. Yet, as easily as Zane may solve other patients’ problems, he is helpless when it comes to solving his own.  It’s not until he tries a new therapy, writing The Book of Zane, that memories start surfacing and along with them, questions:  Why is he in a mental institution? How did his mother die?  Who is his father? 

And just as he’s on the brink of understanding, Zane comes up against diabolical  nutcase, Fenius Spill.  Now Zane finds himself in a race against time to unravel one final mystery before Fenius destroys the Tower, the residents and all of the staff, including a man he suspects is his father and a girl that he loves…

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