Zane Huston Arrives



It’s a door. 

            I know, I know, big deal.  Any moron can tell a door from, I don’t know—a window or a wall.  But it says something to me, having been held captive my whole life, that the first thing they show me in what was to be my new home is a door. 

            They left me here alone.  Kinda caged me in, or caged themselves out, not sure which, but that’s what they did.  So I’m staring at this heavy closed door. 



…ok.  So now you’re thinking, hey wait a minute…shouldn’t the rest of this chapter be 

right here?  Where’s all that information the title promises?  How did that crazy Zane 

get to the Tower?  Where’d he come from and who did he know in the first place to get

put in such a famous (or should I say infamous) facility?  And who took him there?  And

why and for how long?

And yes, you’d be right to be wondering about all that, but now that we ARE IN

PRINT, you’ll just have to contact or even to get your

own copy and find out!

Please look for this chapter and all of the them, in The Book of Zane, released with a whole bunch of fireworks on July 4, 2013.