Zane’s Prologue

Actually, a  prologue to his life:


Dear Reader,Zane's Prologue

    It’s out it’s out it’s out… my book, The Book of Zane, was released by Sunbury Press. 


For those brave enough to pick it up, open it up and eat it up (so to speak), you can purchase your very own copy  at: 


And don’t worry, my book isn’t one of the dangerous ones.   You can read it 

without getting headaches from weeping.  You can read it while eating a sandwich.

Zane's Prologue         And it won’t snap your fingers or sneak a cut into your 

cuticles either.  So c’mon.  Read it yourself and share it with

your favorite nutcase.  And let’s celebrate.  Cause once you read it,

you’ll be changed too.  You , me and all of the other nutcases . . .