The Book Of Zane


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Here’s what’s inside The Book Of Zane:




Table of Contents:

Zane’s Prologue or Read At Your Own Risk

1.   Zane Huston Arrives

2.   The Tower of Babel

3.   Dingo

4.   The Orange Letter

5.   Sweet Opal Stone

6.   The Sign of the Fish

7.   Anjali

8.   Platero Y Zane

9.   The Office of Control

10.  Las Nubes

11.  The Doctor and the Super Model

12.  Una Inundación Poco

13.  Fenius Spill’s Swan Song

14.  Santuario

Discover more about Zane’s adventures!

What happens when Zane finds himself in a race against time to solve the final mystery; a mystery so dark, it threatens to destroy his beloved Tower, the staff and all of the inmates, including a man Zane suspects is his father and a girl that he loves…?

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